We are a team pasionate about and dedicated to what we do and what we believe in.

We constantly improve and innovate to find unique ways to solve different business challeges in a unique emerging ecosystem.  

    Our team offters specially designed solutions to save costs and maximize returns. The key point for us is to understand the needs. Objecives and ambitions of our clients and deliver a clear plan to realize those.


We firmly believe in entrepreneurship as the engine for success, knowledge as the basis for creation and the passion to archieve goals strategically with a selected technology projects  and companies that have achieved commercial success.


La conexion is global network of strategic partners around the world, we truly connet latin America with the rest of the world with part of of our team based in Asia  and Europe and strong partnerships across the globe.

Working with us is being part of a selected global business network in which members seek to collaborate to advance a shared vision for financial technology.

Part of our value is a team that looks after the best interests of all stakeholders in our global network.Hence,we are very selective when it comes to who is joining La Conexion as a partner.Because once a partner we look out for your interests and will work towards your success from the initial idea to execution and implementation.