La Conexión Conference: A place where you have the biggest investor right at the palm of your hands

by Sabrina Nelo, collaborator of La Conexión.

“It all started Some time ago with just an idea among friends in a bar of Shanghai.  Who would say that later, the vision of three entrepreneurs would come together to take out such a large project with such a clear objective?

 They were months of planning, of difficulties and even moments when we wanted to stop and tell ourselves: let’s not do it is very risky.  But we always believed in what were doing and in our abilities to get there“.

Juan Ibagon, Co-founder of La Conexión

What seemed just a good idea for conversations in a bar in Shanghai, became suddenly a life project for these three friends.  The Connection was born in Shanghai and in short time it became materialized in Latin America, more specific, in Medellin, Colombia with its first edition.

A project that is growing day by day as a child that happens to be adolescent.  Between trial and error the founders of this great project are learning to manifest their vision, since “LA Conexión” is not intended to be just a conference tour. It Goes way further.  Their vision is defined as being the largest community in Latin America dedicated to discussing innovative ideas and carrying them out with the necessary capital through Asian investors.

This is currently an urgency that exists in the minds of many entrepreneurs, not having the right connections to evolve in some way, that’s why this project aims to become the Main Impulse of these, since it is known that Latin America has a lot of potential when it comes to innovative technologies and Asian investors are very aware of this.

The first edition which took place in the city of Medellín, Colombia, where the project was released, which is currently starting, since they are currently beginning to develop a lot of ideas that can become the engine for  Latin America to evolve as a continent, as long as they use connections like the ones this event offers to their participants.

The second edition will take place this September 25, 26 and 27 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Where we are exited to meet the entrepreneurs who will be protagonists of the change that will occur in this new digital era to guide them to the next level of their projects.  Since the event will not only have a competition between entrepreneurs where they will have the opportunity to earn a place not only for searching  their financing, but you can network with large companies such as Binance, HTC, Dash, Startup Chile, and many  others.