La Conexion Conference

Connecting Latin America to the World

This event, beyond wanting to teach the Latin American community about the technological advances that are currently being experienced worldwide, wants to make available the necessary capital to publicize the potential of this continent, and this is achieved through of: investment, connections and networking *.

 The Connection is the first organization in the world designed to connect Asia with Latin America to discuss emerging innovative technologies, for that reason, this event is intended to:

 Entrepreneurs who want to take their project to the next level, taking their brand to its full potential so that the world knows them.

Investors who are in search of innovative projects to capitalize on them by achieving excellent future performance on their main investment, having a presence in emerging technologies.

And general public who wants to educate themselves about innovative technologies by integrating into this 4.0 community, and at the same time creating their own networking for their future benefit.

This growing community intends to connect these two continents to be allies and form a developed and thriving Latin America together.

*Networking is a strategy that consists in expanding our network of professional contacts with the use of professional social networks