Binance: A growing giant

by Sabrina Nelo, collaborator of LA Connection.

Maybe you still wonder what or who is Binance?  I have the answer right away for you. This is an exchange platform, more especifically, a platform where a single user can buy and sell different cryptocurrencies at market-determined values. As this one there are many platforms that have the same operation, but, what is the main distinguishing feature of Binance? Well them Let’s start with the first.

 When was Binance born? This company started in China in July 2017 after a 15 million dollar financing raised during an initial coin offer (ICO).  But in that very same year they had to move their  offices to Japan because the local government banned the marketing of cryptocurrencies. Them By March 2018, Binance was already the exchange with the largest number of worldwide operations and had offices in both Japan and Taiwan.  Even today it has alliances of projects in Bermuda, Malta, Israel and part of Europe.

But.. ¿how did this happen? Binance’s growth is due to an accumulation of factors that made it possible, such as: gaining a reputation in the crypto community, offering rewards programs among others.

 Binance since its beginning has frustrated different piracy attempts on its platform which has generated the highest percentage of its reputation, offering bounties programs (rewards), donating to different charities, including the UN, and more

 Here are some of his recent milestones:

  • They recently launched their own Blockchain called “Venus”, in order to rival Facebook
  • Their native token, Binance Coin, has been among the most successful investments in the crypto world during 2019.

Binance has also a wide variety of altcoins and has its own launching platform for new projects, which generated a great interest on the community with the launching of the BitTorrent token.

Their exponential growth in such a short time naturally evokes a sense of wonder.  If their future looks like their past, Binance will give much to talk about in the coming years.  Binance: His incredible story, his dynamic present, and his promising future.